Whale Watching with Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching


January 6, 2014
It was a beautiful calm day late in December when we boarded a whale watching boat out of Dana Harbor with Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching. It was a perfect SoCal winter day with temps in the 70s. My husband and I chatted with the kids about all the beaches we spotted that we love to visit as the boat cruised south. Our first excitement was watching sea lions bask on a buoy and then swim and dive under our boat." 
As our captain searched for whales near the shore, he told us how they are usually spotted between November and April on their way south to the warm lagoons in Mexico. He got suddenly excited as he spotted a whale spout off the coast and was shocked with how far away it was. With incredibly calm waters and an inversion layer, he spotted that spout approximately five miles off the coast. It was the furthest from shore he had ever seen a gray whale. We sped over the water for the next 20 minutes and then coasted calmly behind the massive creature. He put on a show for us as he spouted, fluked, and dove down to catch some grub.
The kids and I watched the whale for quite a while from the left side of the boat. As we reluctantly turned to shore for the next whale watching cruise, the captain joked that finding that whale was like "pulling a rabbit from a hat." It was a lucky day.
We learned all about the gray whales by listening to Captain Todd over the loud speaker throughout the trip. He is one of the cofounders of The Gray Whale Foundation and is filled with insight and information about the gray whale. As long as we stood near the front of the boat, at the very back, or in the upper deck, we could hear him over the loud speakers. I was intrigued by hearing about the school trips they take, where kids get classroom experience on a whale watching trip to learn all about the gray whales." 
Regardless of the luck of finding a whale, guests are guaranteed a whale watching experience, made possible by granting return tickets if no whales are spotted."