Angels in the Outfield

Anaheim’s very own Major League team was featured in this 90s classic. (And a very young Joseph-Gordon Levitt, too.)

Record-setting sombrero-wearing

No, it’s not a new tongue twister, it’s what 25,111 Angels fans did at the 2015 Cinco de Mayo game. Our lively fans own six Guinness World Records for donning Santa hats, wrestling masks and more.

Rock history at the ACC

If these walls could talk. Opening in 1967, the Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center immediately became a top rockers’ destination: Jimi Hendrix (1968), Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull (1969) and The Who (1970).

Gwen Stefani’s favorite eats

A 1987 graduate of Anaheim’s Loara High School, Stefani often returns for a taste of home at local hotspots Mama Cozza’s Italian Restaurant and Cortina’s Italian Market and Pizzeria.

"I’m going to Disneyland!”

A tradition that began in 1987, sports heroes—and especially Super Bowl winners—celebrate with victory trips to Disneyland or its sister resort in Florida.

How to find your Mickey or Minnie

There’s an app for that. The Mouse Mingle dating app can help people connect with kindred spirits who share a passion for Disney magic.

Babe Ruth led the way

In town for an exhibition game, Babe Ruth and Walter “Big Train” Johnson agreed to lead Anaheim’s inaugural Halloween parade in 1924. The parade remains a family-favorite activity to this day.

Local hero: SpongeBob

Before living in a pineapple under the sea, SpongeBob SquarePants existed in the mind of Stephen Hillenburg, an Anaheim native who credits his inspiration to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point.

Creativity Central

Anaheim is a magnet to creative minds. Each year, the Convention Center hosts VidCon (online video), WonderCon (comics, movies, animation and more), BlizzCon (video games) and D23 (all things Disney).

Tiger Woods, then and now

While at Anaheim’s Western High School, Tiger Woods became the youngest-ever U.S. Junior Amateur Champion. Today, he gives back to the community at the Tiger Woods Learning Lab for kids.

Home of Vans

Skaters were the first to adopt these shoes for their rubbery grip, but 50 years later this Anaheim-born, subculture shoe has evolved into a multibillion-dollar, worldwide brand.